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Do you need Planning Permission?

“Do I or don’t I need planning permission? “is probably one of the most common questions in property development. It will depend on what sort of work you want to carry out, how this will impact the overall look of the property, what others in the neighbourhood have had done and what the style and age of the property are. This article takes a brief look at which circumstances you will need planning permission for.

All building projects need plans.  However, if your renovation work is very simple, you don’t need planning permission. This includes work on the interior of the property, general repairs and maintenance, re-roofing (provided you use the same materials) and replacing windows and doors with new ones of a similar style. You can even demolish a building smaller than 50 sq m without planning permission.

Things you normally need planning permission for include:

  • Property extensions
  • Complete property rebuilds
  • Conversion of a house into flats
  • Conversion of a garage or outhouse into living space
  • Outbuildings
  • New chimneys
  • Dormer windows
  • Replacement doors and windows (if in a different style)
  • Exterior rendering

However, note that building a porch or conservatory does not always need planning permission. This falls under ‘permitted development rights’.

These are only some general guidelines and you should of course contact the relevant departments before making any plans.

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