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A Property Buyer’s Checklist

We all feel a bit daunted when it comes to parting with large sums of money – none more so than when we are looking to buy a house. It is important that you have some understandings of the basics. This article outlines the most important aspects of buying a property.

No matter what type of property you want to buy, it is essential that you prepare a checklist of what you need to do to ensure you have a hassle free purchase. Make a note of the results and possible dates when events will take place.

The Basics:

  1. Plan your budget and contact your mortgage provider to ensure you have enough money each month to pay a mortgage.
  2. Ensure you know how much you can borrow before you go house hunting. This will help you decide at an early stage what price band you can afford to buy in.
  3. What are the essential needs in the area in terms of schools, shops and transport?
  4. When you have chosen a property, check what the price comes with. Does it include any fixtures and fittings?
  5. If buying to let, make sure you know the rental rates for the area.

This is of course just a sample of what you need to factor in when buying a house, flat or other property. The most important things are to remain calm, make yourself a checklist or two and run through everything with an expert if necessary before investing money into what will no doubt be one of your biggest purchases.

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