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Top Tips for Renovation

With an increasing number of us attempting to redo our home without expert help, it is important to know what you are letting yourself in for. When renovating a property there are many things you can do; re-tiling the roof, replacing windows, damp-proofing etc. This article outlines some of the basics you should take into consideration before carrying out renovation work.

Structural work

Make sure you get professional advice from a structural engineer or architect before getting involved with structural alterations of your property. Also remember that knocking down interior walls to reduce the number of rooms can in fact reduce the value of your property.

Roof work

If the roof of your property is not weather tight, you probably won’t  be able to sell it. Approach a surveyor before you approach a roofer or builder.

He or she will tell you whether it needs to be repaired or completely replaced. Also, don’t alter the roofing materials as a different material may cause problems and may also breach  planning regulations.

Damp proofing

Your building must have a damp proof course or your potential buyers will not be able to secure a mortgage on the property.  Damp is one of the biggest turn offs to a potential buyer and surveyors acting on behalf of buyers will easily spot it. Contact several Damp Proof Course specialists and get some quotes.


Replacement windows not only make your property much more saleable, they add value to your property. Single glazed windows should always be replaced by double glazing.

As in roofing, be aware that changing the style of windows can affect planning consent and even spoil the look of a house thus reducing its value. If it’s an old property, you can get a joiner to make double glazed timber windows to match the style of the property. You don’t always have to use UPVC.

The Electrics

New wiring is a major selling point for a property. It impresses the prospective buyer and gives them a feeling of safety. Even if the existing wiring seems to be in fair condition, it’s a good idea to take it out and replace it with new wiring.

Of course if you are carrying out any task which is not your area of expertise, you should always consult an expert so they can advise you on whether the renovation work is appropriate for your property or not and they can recommend any alternatives.

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