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Home Report : What Is It and Why Is It Necessary?

In the past, only 1 in 10 buyers in Scotland had what was called a Homebuyer survey carried out before buying a property. The Scottish Government passed the Housing Act in 2006; this shaped the housing market into what it is today. The legal obligation to having a Home Report carried out on almost every property (as there are some exemptions) means that buyers no longer get horrible surprises when they move into their new properties. If there is extensive damage to a roof, walls or flooring it will all be detailed in the Home Report and means that you will either be able to rethink buying the property or renegotiate on the price to something which reflects the condition of the property.

You may still be wondering; what is a Home Report and why is it so important?

The Home Report is made up of 3 different documents. The first is the Single Survey. This document contains information about the overall condition of the property. If there is any damage or any other problems they will be detailed in this document as will the urgency in repairing it. The value of the property will also be noted in this part of the report.

The second document is called the Energy Report. This is essential in showing just how “green” the property is. The rating system goes from A to G. The report will also detail the ways in which the seller can increase the property’s energy efficiency; this can involve double-glazing, insulation and in some cases solar panels. The Energy Report essentially helps you to become more conscious of your carbon footprint, as well as making suggestions you had perhaps not thought of for improving your property.

The last part is the Property Questionnaire. This is to be filled out by the home-owner. Things that will be required are: whether or not the property has satellite television, the council tax band and other general information about the property.

A Home Report is so important because it gives potential buyers vital information about the condition of the property they wish to purchase. It also gives first time buyers more information so they do not fall into any traps (people hiding problems such as water damage etc) and gives them the sense of security to settle into their first home.

What If I Don’t Get A Home Report?

In simple terms; you will be breaking the law and it is likely you could be fined by the local Trading Standard officer. Anyway, it is very unlikely that an estate agent will help you sell your property if you are not in possession of a Home Report as it would not be legal! Having a Home Report is now a fundamental part of moving home.

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