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Facilities Management: Is Your Building Well Maintained?

Facility management is an interdisciplinary field for the most part committed to the maintenance of commercial or institutional buildings. These can include office buildings, hospitals and hotels. The reasons for maintenance on buildings such as these are simple; it is important to maintain the condition of the property in order for it to continue functioning in an efficient manner.

The role of the facilities manager is always changing. It is his/her job to inform and advice people about the choices for their properties, as well as to ensure that they are taking all aspects of maintenance into consideration. For example, in the case of hospitals, the cleaning and security aspects are extremely important.

Facilities Managers deal with a wide variety of problems and queries. They may be asked to ensure the proper fitting of electrical appliances in a property, or to maintain air conditioning systems. Each and every task requires dedication and prioritising and it is the property manager’s function to take care of them in a quick and efficient manner.

Whether you are experiencing problems with your building or simply want to ensure that the windows are cleaned and the security is first-rate, facilities managers will be able to help you. Facilities Management can even extend to improving the aesthetics of your building: painting and decoration of premises.

In the case of properties with large grounds, it is not uncommon for facilities managers to be put in charge of grounds maintenance. This may include make sure the security is efficient, lawn maintenance and ensuring that the overall look of the property is clean and professional-looking.

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