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What Kind of Survey Do I Need?

There are many types of survey, two of the main types are Building Surveys and Homebuyer Surveys. Below is some information about each of them.

Homebuyer survey

It is a detailed survey, which focuses on problems, as well as establishing whether a set price for a property is realistic given its state. This is the most common type of Home Report and will generally be enough for most homes up for sale.

As this survey is focused on the overall condition of the property, any problems or possible future issues will be highlighted and taken into consideration. If there are any parts of the property which need attention or repair work carried out, these are detailed in the survey.

The costs of any repair work, reconstructive work or any other issues with the property are estimated and also detailed in the survey. All of these aspects are taken into consideration and the property’s value on the market is noted down.

Building Survey

This survey is a bit different; it is much more detailed than a Homebuyer survey and focused on various aspects; the overall condition of the home is assessed, taking into consideration other properties of a similar style and age. It is generally used for older properties, properties which are made out of timber or other uncommon materials or ones which have undergone extensions.

A building survey details the property’s general state, any repairs necessary, problems which may arise in the future. However, as it is much more detailed, it is much more thorough and will of course cost more.

This survey takes a lot longer to carry out as it covers not only the visible condition of the property, but also and also involves checking the foundations, damp proofing etc. If there have been any extensions added, these are checked to make sure they are up to scratch.

For more properties the list of issues to be addressed and minor problems will be quite substantial. It is important that you are aware the reason for this is that the survey is so thorough and in-depth.

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