Home Report

Home Report

Why Get A Home Report?

Your home is no doubt the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, and as such it is worth investing a relatively small amount of money in order to put your mind at rest. In actual fact the money you spend on a Home Report could end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of pounds at a later stage. It is always best to spot problems early on and ensure they are taken care of than end up with bigger issues at a later date. As such, this could be one of the wisest ways to spend your hard-earned cash.

The Home Report is mandatory when selling residential property in Scotland.
Homes for sale have to be marketed with a Home Report, which contains three documents that provide buyers and sellers with better information about the condition and value of homes before an offer to purchase is made.
Etimon have qualified and experienced surveyors who are able to prepare Home Reports and Energy Performance Certificates.

What the Home Report consists of:


Single Survey
The Single Survey gives sellers detailed information about the condition and value of a home before it is marketed for sale. It also gives buyers better information about the condition and value of a home before they make an offer. If there are any problems with the property these will be clearly indicated on the Single Survey.
A Single Survey also contains an accessibility audit that will be of particular interest to parents with young children and to older people, as well as disabled people.


Property Questionnaire
The Property Questionnaire contains relevant information for home buyers, solicitors and also surveyors. The Property Questionnaire, completed by the seller of the home, gives prospective buyers a useful summary of information such as council tax banding, factoring arrangements and alterations made to the home.
The Property Questionnaire should also alert conveyancers to potential issues at an early stage and may lead to necessary documentation such as building warrants being obtained earlier in the conveyancing process.
Energy Report
The Energy Report gives a home's energy efficiency rating and its environmental impact in terms of carbon dioxide emissions.
The Energy Report will help buyers to make new green choices by comparing energy costs between homes. It also gives practical advice on how to reduce carbon emissions and save on energy bills. The Home Report Energy Report may suggest significant changes to a property; such as solar panels or double glazing.
It rates properties on a scale from A to G with A being the most energy efficient. Even though some modern houses may get close to an A rating, most of the traditional houses will inevitably be somewhere further down the scale.
Further information on Home Reports can be found on the Scottish Government website at: www.homereportscotland.gov.uk

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