Valuation Surveying

Valuation Surveying

Our local expertise enables us to give advice on all aspects of house purchases. We will be pleased to advise and discuss on the type of survey you require and our team of surveyors will be more than happy to carry out which ever survey you require.

You can look at a property yourself and have some vague idea of the condition its in, however putting some money aside to get a Valuation Survey is a wise idea. Etimon Surveyor’s professionals have eyes trained to find all the possible hidden problems that most people will not pick up on. A survey might seem expensive at the time, but it is definitely advisable as it will help you make the big decision between buying a property or not. It might also put you in a position to renegotiate the price of the property, if any major defects are uncovered.

Mortgage valuation report

This is the most basic type of valuation survey. It is prepared solely for the mortgage lender to determine the value of the property. It is essentially a very limited inspection of a property, which is required by banks and building societies. It deals with the value of the property depending on its condition. However, it will not report many details.


Home buyer survey and valuation

This survey is an economical survey using a standardised form that focuses on the defects and problems which are urgent or significant and thus have an effect on the value of the property. This survey reports on the general condition of a property, any defects which affect its value, damage to wood such as rotting, insulation and damp-proofing information, value of the property on the open market and many other important features.


Building survey

This type of survey is a comprehensive inspection of the building. This is the most detailed type of survey and is generally carried out by a chartered building surveyor. The surveyor will examine the structure and the condition of the building. This inspection will take several hours, and may involve some disturbance to the building itself.


At Etimon we carry out all the above surveys and reports in a professional, swift and efficient manner. We offer our expert advice on any of the surveying techniques, as well as providing our clientele with the best possible customer care. 

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