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Why invest in Glasgow property?


Glasgow as a city has it all going on.  From beautiful architecture and a fantastic infrastructure to one of the world’s leading music locations, you’ll find it all in Glasgow. And added to that, it has an excellent range of properties generating a higher yield than most of the other key cities in the UK.

London has always been seen as ‘the’ place to buy property in the UK, however with the average price of a property in London at £674,544* the market is starting to dry up and interestingly London has seen it’s first price drop in a long time with a decrease in house prices of 1% since July 2017.

According to Zoopla, the average price for property in Glasgow in Dec 2017 was £189,575 with flats selling on average for £148,114 and terraced houses for £170,023. Glasgow is an investors dream.  With properties in the West End of the city generating a yield of 5.5% and other areas close behind, this makes it a lucrative investment pool for any property investor.

The city has a vast and diverse range of investment property, attracting young professional adults renting close to the city centre. With 4 universities and 7 H.E. colleges within 10 miles of the city centre, Glasgow boasts the second highest student population in the UK and student lets in Glasgow are a very lucrative type of investment property.

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