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Reducing Your Energy Bill





Energy bills can take a large bite out of your monthly budget and can spiral with little effort if left unsupervised. With winter fast approaching and the cold weather creeping in, here’s our top tips to keep your energy bill under control.

Consider Installing Insulation.

Although this will require a substantial investment in the short time, installing loft insulation could dramatically decrease your energy bills. Insulation works by trapping heat to stop it escaping through your roof and walls, meaning the heat stays in your house and your money stays in your pocket.


Draught Proof.

Draught proofing can be a simple but effective way to reduce your energy bills. Old doors tend to be particularly draughty leaking cold air into your home, especially through the winter months. Draught excluders are a great, cost-effective way to prevent cold air from infiltrating your home. Also look into covering your letterbox.


Turn Down the Heating.

It can be tempting in the winter months to crank your thermostat up to full blast when you come home from the freezing cold. Try to resist this urge, the average room temperature for the UK is about 19 degrees. Overheating your house can cost you hundreds.


Invest In Low Energy Bulbs

Replacing your bulbs with low-energy LED bulbs is another cheap but effective way to manage your energy bill. These bulbs can use up to 90% less energy and also last a lot longer too!


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