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Student Letting


Student Letting


It is a common presumption that because you are a student, finding a suitable property to let will be nearly impossible. Here at Etimon, we specialise in student letting with leading universities such as Strathclyde University, Glasgow University and the University of the West of Scotland on our doorstep.

Unlike many other organisations, we believe you should not have to compromise just because you are a student. We have experience with students and are regularly asked to find suitable properties. At any on time we can have more than 300 students on our books from all walks of life from first years to PHD students.

We provide a range of properties which would perfectly suit students and their needs. Many of our students are able to live within walking distance of their University or alternatively, live within an area of their choice. Whether it be a large group or a single tenant we have properties to suit every need and budget with a range of 4 and 5 bedroom properties and single bedroom flats/studios.

Our staff are expertly trained and able to guide students through the whole letting process. Students do require a guarantor, this can be a parent or responsible adult. Guarantors are there to pay rent if you can’t. For more advice on guarantors, our highly trained staff can advise you.  HMO letting can be confusing. HMO, or house in multiple occupation, refers to when multiple people who are not related share a home. This can be particularly difficult to manage for example, who’s responsible for the lease and ensures the rent is paid on time, who ensures the property is kept up to a certain standard and who manages any repairs or maintenance issues?  As an expert in HMO properties, we can handhold you through this process, ensuring the legal aspects are in place as a tenant to manage the process if issues and disputes arise.


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