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Top Tips to Make Your Home Sell Faster


Selling your home can feel like a daunting task. Let’s face it, there’s a lot to think about. But what if it didn’t need to be? We’ve summarised some of our best tips for selling your home as quickly as possible and for the price you like.

Accurate Valuation

Ensure you get a realistic but accurate valuation of your property before you start to think about marketing your property. The company which provides the valuation should ideally be well established and experienced to help you determine and achievable price. Etimon experts carry out valuations monthly, meaning we know what properties sell for in your area, get in touch to arrange a valuation.

Estate Agency

When determining a suitable estate agent, you should consider a variety of factors including opening times, availability to carry out viewings, marketing techniques and marketing presence. Don’t choose an estate agent hastily, it could make the difference in selling your home. At Etimon, we value our customers time, which is why we secure access to the best marketing companies, have extensive experience in marketing campaigns and open late on selected days.

Prepare Your Property

Don’t take first impressions lightly. A buyers first impression of their possible new home should be a good one. Match the outside of your house with the character of inside, make sure the grass is tidy and any shrubs are trimmed. Clear any rubbish or debris and if you really want to make an impression – add a lick of fresh paint.

For most buyers, minimalism is usually key.  Remember you still have to live in the house so don’t go mad but try to declutter your surroundings and open up your space.  Declutter all the excess stuff you’ve accumulated through the years but leave small personal touches.

Bad smells can put buyers off. Most sellers try to mask smells with candles or air freshener but it’s better just to distinguish the smell at its source. Make sure drains are unblocked, empty bins and try to air the kitchen before a viewing.

For more information on selling your home, contact our experts. 

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