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A Quick Guide To Moving Home


A Quick Guide to Moving Home

Moving home can be a daunting task. Somehow, you have to find a way to cram your whole life into a tiny moving van in just a few short hours. To make matters worse, at the other end you have to make a mad-dash to unpack your things and make your new house into the perfect home. But before all that you’ve got to actually figure out how to move, who do you have to notify? How early should you book removal services? Are that removal van company reliable?  At Etimon, we are experts at moving and aim to support our tenants at every hurdle they face in the moving process. We’ve concluded some of our top tips for moving home below:

The most popular time of the year to move is in summer. Summer does have its benefits in regard to moving home. Lighter nights and warmer weather provide ample time to explore, unpack and personalise your new home.  However, it is noted that these benefits often come with a price tag as prices soar with demand for moving services. Considering a winter or spring move can be much less harsh on your bank account and can give you more flexibility as moving services are less busy. Although spring may offer milder weather, winter is still a good time to move as time spent outside may be a lot less than you think and moving can really work up a sweat!

To avoid paying through the roof for removal services we suggest you start early and gather as many quotes as you can. Make sure you have at least a one-week time-frame about when you’d like to move to get the most accurate quotes, or even better single it down to the very day. Using local services usually keeps the price low and be sure to check that they are part of the British Association of Removers for reliable service. It’s a good idea to provisionally book removal services, dates can normally be altered if things change.

Amongst all the chaos of moving it can be easy to forget that you have a long list of organisations/people to inform about your move. Believe it or not, one of the most common people rental tenants forget to inform about their move is their Landlord. It is vital that you notify your Landlord as soon as possible as with most properties the tenant has to provide at least 4 weeks’ notice. There are also a number of other organisations you should inform, for a full check list visit the bottom of this page.

Preparation is usually key when it comes to moving. It’s a good idea to source boxes, bubble wrap and tape etc. early. Removal services can usually help your source these. Many people gradually start packing away their unvital possessions as soon as they get the boxes, starting early to avoid becoming overwhelmed. It’s also useful to organise extra help, such as family and friends, early too as they are great in helping to do some of the manual work but also help to keep you calm or even just to look after the kids. It may seem like a world away, but it can also be useful to order items for your new home such as carpets and furniture to arrive when you do. If you leave this until you are in the house, you could be waiting weeks.

Here at Etimon, from our experience one of our personal tips for moving is to leave a “fact file” to the people moving into your vacated property, particularly if you did not rent the property. A fact file should provide a basic outline of how the property, how the heating works, bin collection dates etc. Fact files can be life savers to the new owners of your home and can also save you a lot of time having to answer queries about the house after you have moved.


Check List: People you should inform before moving:


1. Water company
2. Gas company
3. Electricity company
4. Telephone company
5. Broadband provider
6. Satellite/cable company
7. Others
1. Banks
2. Building societies
3. Loan companies
4. Credit card companies
5. Others
1. Car insurance companies
2. House insurance company
3. Life insurance company
4. Breakdown service
5. Others
1. Inland revenue
2. Local authority
4. School
5. Others
1. Doctor
2. Dentist
3. Optician


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