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Landlords: Why should I look into Property Management?


The word stress is often conjured up as a primary description of a landlords feelings when discussing tenancy agreements and lettings for their properties. Even the most experienced will face challenges in their career as a landlord, whether it be finding initial tenants, chasing rent or struggling  to meet strict legal requirements. The idea of Property Management can be perceived as a relatively obscure concept to many in the property industry if they do not understand the potentially epic gains.

But first, what is Property Management? In short, Property Management involves a third party working on the landlords behalf as a middle-man between them and their tenant, or potential tenant for some. Conceptualising a Property Management companies role can be somewhat difficult, as the level of involvement is often variable amongst different organisations. The most comprehensive of Property Management services essentially take over the role of landlord but understand the importance of keeping the real landlord well informed. Services comprehensive property management companies include dealing with every aspect of the letting process including finding tenants and maintenance. They are often the tenants primary point of contact.

A common misconception of Property Management is that it can negatively affect the lucrativeness of letting as the landlord does pay a fee for their service. However, in many cases this is not so and in fact, experienced and well-informed Property Management agents can actually help to promote value for money and develop a property, and/or portfolio, to reach its full potential.

Aside from promoting value for money, one of the biggest drivers for landlords to utilise the services of a Property Management company is to ease the stress of letting. As previously mentioned, it is not uncommon to associate the word property with stress. From experience, we know that involving a Property Management company in your let reduces the mental and physical strain that comes with letting a property. At Etimon, we have over 30 years combined experience in letting, fittingly complimented by 10 years in the field. In our fully-comprehensive Property Management service, we have utilised this experience to build an experience with both the landlord and tenant in mind. With our service, landlord need never make contact with their tenant as everything is taken care of. To ensure your let achieves its full potential we’ll market your property on over 40 marketing websites, advise on applicable safety and security regulations and can even facilitate renovations if needed. Our highly qualified and trusted trade persons will ensure you receive excellent value for money and are never over charged.


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