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The Happiest Places to Live in Scotland According to The Scotsman




When it comes to purchasing a home, the real-estate agents mantra remains location, location, location, with most industry experts deeming it as the most important factor of buying. Regardless, many home buyers sacrifice location to facilitate their dream home. But could your location choice negatively impact your happiness? We take a look through the happiest places to live in Scotland, according to research conducted by the Scotsman.

  1. Inverclyde: 7.18/10

As one of the smallest council areas in Scotland, Inverclyde extends from the south side of the Firth of Clyde and steals the spot as the 5th happiest place to live in Scotland. Well known for its wealth of roots in shipbuilding, Inverclyde now supports one of the most significant ports in Scotland, Greenock. With house prices significantly lower than surrounding areas, Inverclyde encourages affordable housing with a strong, community feel.

  1. Dumfries and Galloway: 7.8/10

With an abundance of rocky shorelines, sandy beaches and acres of forest Dumfries and Galloway provides the best of Scotland compartmentalised into just 6,427 km². With an abundance of outdoor activities and idyllic landscapes, it’s no surprise that this area is dubbed as one of the most appealing places to live in Scotland. House prices also sit at a reasonable average of just over £160,000 making this an ideal spot for real-estate buyers.

  1. Midlothian

Bordering Scotland’s capital city, Midlothian is known for is quaint villages and historical sites. Providing a welcome break from the bustling streets of Edinburgh, Midlothian is a rural area with vast spans of rolling, green hills and thriving woodland. With a significantly higher average house price remaining in excess of £210,000, Midlothian is slightly pricier than other counties on the list but as many would argue, completely worth it.

  1. Orkney / Highlands

In joint 2nd come Orkney and the Highlands.

Orkney compromises of several small islands off the northeastern coast of Scotland. The islands are recognisable by there vast green landscape and dramatic cliff edges. Orkney is home to a number of key historical sites including Skara Brae, a preserved village with a reconstructed house, and Maeshowe, a chambered burial tomb incorporating 12th-century Viking carvings. Average house prices in Orkney are surprisingly low at just £150,000.

  1. Western Isles : 8.08/10

The Outer Hebrides, also known as the Western Isles successfully secure the title of the happiest place to live in Scotland according to Scotsman research. Situated in the North West of Scotland and stretch over 100 miles. Amongst the most famous of the Western Isles include Stronaway, Harris and Lewis each with their own unique character and outstanding scenery.

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