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Student Bills: Your Guide


For many students, understanding property and bills can be a confusing affair to say the very least. Thankfully the government have introduced a number of measures to ease the finical burden of renting/buying a property for those studying but, with so many rules and regulations, it can be difficult to identify exactly which bills benefit from relief.  At Etimon property, we specialise in student lets and so, we’ve formulated a guide to your bills as a student.


Council Tax

Council tax is often one of a homeowner’s most significant monthly expenditures. Council tax is a tax on domestic property, implemented country wide and is based on the estimated value of a property and the number of people living in it. Council tax in Glasgow includes water and waste charges however, this is worth checking as it is not the case nationwide. Luckily for students, the government introduced student relief for this tax meaning individuals in full-time education can do not have to pay if living alone or with other full-time students. If living with another individual who is not a full-time student, a bill will apply although likely at a reduced rate.


Electricity and Gas

Planning a budget can be difficult, especially if you are living with flatmates. Perhaps one of the significant chunks of your budget is likely to be spent on gas and electricity bills but yet, they are underestimated by many. As we have previously suggested, it is important that you take a meter reading when you move in to ensure that you don’t pay anything more than necessary. We also suggest that you contact your landlord to identify your supplier and inform them of your moving in as soon as possible.


Landline and Broadband

Extra costs like those for landline and broadband can often be forgotten in the grand scheme of things but they are not to be taken lightly. From experience, we know that the cost of such can come as a surprise for many and so ideally, you should do your research before you move in. Although it is true that landlines are scarcely used by the modern student, they are needed to secure internet connection in many properties. It is also true that when considering broadband, most students choose the cheapest option. However, expensive charges can occur if usage exceeds that of the designated with little or no warning in many cases.


TV Licence

It is necessary for all households in Britain which have a TV to hold a licence for such. Due to recent law changes, it is now necessary to hold a TV licence even when streaming from online platforms. Failing to get a TV licence can warrant a £1,000 fine. The cost for a TV licence is £150 but can be spread monthly, weekly or annually.



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