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Spring DIY projects for your home




The season of DIY is fast approaching as we scramble to achieve our homes perfect look in time for summer.  Whether it be a lick of paint or a full renovation, there are plenty of ways to help you fall back in love with your home again. What is less easy though, is finding the time (and let’s face it, money) to complete your projects. With that said, there are a number of easier and cheaper projects which can rejuvenate your home.

Lay Artificial Grass

To achieve the perfect look in your outside space it may be worth considering laying artificial grass.  Artificial grass is exactly that- “fake grass” which require almost no maintenance, free from the burden of weeds and sparse areas. Artificial grass allows for a crisp, clear lawn all year round being very durable and less prone to fading. Grass of this kind ranges in quality, largely dependent on the number of grass blades per inch. The more grass blades sown into the material, the more dense and thick the grass will be and most likely, the more realistic you will find it. When choosing artificial grass, it is important to consider how you will lay it, the shop will prepare the cut inline with this. Other than that, it is relatively easy to lay. Out with a garden, artificial grass can be excellent in brightening up a patio area or balcony.

Mix Up Your Storage

Finding storage solutions is a continuous problem for many households across the UK. Creative storage solutions can often be in short supply as your stuff piles up. We’ve taken inspiration from B&Q’s sophisticated new box cubes ideal for creating the drawer which you can through everything into, but still looks good.  Stylish new short cubed shelving paired with minimal decoration and two of B&Q’s stylish cubes makes for an elegant, sleek design.  What’s great is the boxes are relatively cheap too, so can be easily changed if you redecorate it. The ideal weekend project!


Separate Room into Zones

We’ve all been there, looking around your home thinking I am completely and utterly bored with this room. Or perhaps you’d love a partition wall but its just too much money. We have the ideal way to change up your space without forking out for builders and materials. Wall dividers are becoming increasingly popular amongst DIY’ers. No longer are they dark and dingey, but rather a stylish feature of any room. Room dividers come in all shapes and sizes and are ideal for cornering off a make shift nursey, a dining area of a cosy sitting area. We particularly love dividers which are transparent to an extent to create an ambience but keeping an open plan feel.

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