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Smart Home: What and Why?


A notable buzz has surrounded the term smart home in recent years with gossipers of the office and tube deeming it as the next best thing in home improvement. Whilst the popularity of smart homes has soared in the last 5 years, many remain confused as to the underpinnings of the word. What is a smart home and why do I need it?

In simple terms, a smart home is essentially a home digital automation process which allows you to control things like climate, lighting and even washing machines from an internet connected device like a tablet or phone.  So essentially then, “smart” is just a fancy term for wirelessly controlled and accessible from your couch. If you think you’d benefit from being able to switch on your toaster from your garage or boil the kettle from your office, then a smart home is probably for you. Sarcasm, and laziness, aside though smart homes can actually be useful. Smart home technology has provided breakthroughs in home security, with home owners being able to monitor their home in real time with sensors, live video and even audio feeds. One product includes a digital door bell where users are alerted when someone approaches their home and can live chat with the person through video and audio technology.

But how does a smart home/ work? It was previously the case that smart home technology was reserved for a select few who could afford the luxury. However, this has fast become a thing of the past with the likes of the Google Home assistant and Amazon Alexa retailing for as little as £40. These “assistants” work in conjunction with smart plugs/appliances/light bulbs which hook up to the internet can be remotely controlled via the assistant via voice command or via a smartphone app. Whilst these options are definitely more affordable than the smart homes of the past, the adding cost of appliances and gadgets can mount up to in excess of £250.

So, the conclusion then is that smart homes are definitely worthy of the buzz they are receiving from the general public, they’re a handy home assistant that can and probably will make your life a little bit easier. Despite the decreasing cost of a smart home technology, a substantial price tag still remains to accomplish an all-round smart home and so the benefits can be weighed. Take a look at our favourite smart home products below:

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