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5 Essentials for Your Student Property


5 Essentials for Your Student Property

5 Essentials for Your Student Property

Many landlords decide to rent out to students for lots of different reasons: there is always a demand, with an HMO you can fill the flat up and make more money in rent, and you can be covered for rent even when your property is empty. 

Although kitting out a student flat may seem like a headache, it’s actually quite simple. Here we’ll give you a guide as to what fittings are absolutely essential in your student flat, and what is more of an added extra. 


  1. White goods.

Students are in and out of flats usually every year and sometimes more frequently if they meet new friends or decide to take on a semester abroad. This means that they won’t be toting their favourite fridge and washing machine around to each new flat. Having quality white goods in your flat will attract more students who are interesting in finding a flat with convenient appliances included. It also worth making sure that your white goods are insured outwith the manufacturer guaranteed, so any breakdown or accidents are covered.

  1. Beds

Each bedroom should have a bed that fits the size of the room (i.e. a single bed in a small room, double bed in a larger room) and a new mattress. The same principle as above applies here and although some students may wish to bring in their own bed, most will prefer to have one that comes with the flat – as long as the mattress has either been cleaned professionally or is brand new.


  1. Clothing storage.


Whether it’s a wardrobe, set of drawers, or walk-in-closet, your student renters will need somewhere to keep their clothing and other things that need to be stored like suitcases etc. Ensuring that you have an appropriate place for clothing storage in each bedroom will allow students to move in easily, making your property more attractive.

  1. Kitchen essentials

As with the previous points, students tend not to want to have to purchase or travel with kitchen items, so these should be readily available in the flat. But don’t worry, you don’t need to break the bank. Just a few staples like pots and pans, baking trays, spatulas, knives, tablewareand cutlery. You should also have a table and chairs for dining. Anything extra or nonessential can be added by the students themselves. 

  1.  Desks

They are students after all and will be looking for somewhere where they can easily sit down to study for exams and complete coursework. Ideally, each bedroom should have its own desk and chair if there is space



If your property already has other furniture like sofas, armchairs, side tables coffee tables or electric goods like a TV, you can decide whether to keep these in the property or move them elsewhere. Anything you do decide to keep in your student flat should be durable and not too valuable, as with property that sees a high turnover rate of renters, your furniture may become damaged or dirty due to its extensive use 


How Can We Help 

At Etimon, we can help you with your student flat and offer advice to make sure your property has everything it needs. 

If you’re interested in students letting, speak to one of our friendly knowledgeable staff – we can help you with a range of services, from estate agency to property management and property investment to commercial letting. At Etimon, our priority is your peace of mind.  

Do you want to sell your house? Contact us today Etimon Property Agency if you have any questions – 0141 218 4426 and we’ll take care of the rest. 



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