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HMO Properties: Pros and Cons

First let’s start with the basics. What exactly is an HMO?    A Housing in Multiple Occupation (HMO) rental property is one in which three or more unrelated people live in one property and share a bathroom and kitchen. Many student properties are HMO due to the desire for students to live with their peers and save money wherever possible.   However, with […]


The Best Native Scottish Trees to Plant in Your Garden

The Best Native Scottish Trees to Plant in Your Garden  Trees can elevate a garden from nice, to stunning. Not only can trees provide shade, they can also afford privacy to gardens that are otherwise overlooked by other properties. Although planting trees and waiting for them to grow may seem daunting and tedious, there are several native Scottish trees that are particularly fast growing and could add […]


How Will Lockdown Impact Housing Prices?

There is no question that coronavirus has had a significant impact on the Scottish property market over the last three months since lockdown began. From the Scottish Government’s guidance released in March that outlined property moves should be delayed, to the government’s stipulation that property viewings should not taking place until social distancing measures can […]


Best Buildings Revealed at the 7th Annual Scottish Property Awards


Why Brexit Doesn’t Need to Mean Bleak: The Scottish Housing Market

With uncertainty about the countries future rife, official governing body reports and spokespeople were quick to warn the country about the seemingly catastrophic effects of Britans exit from the EU. One specific area of interest for those interested in the long-term effects of Brexit was the UK housing market which, according to predictions, was projected […]


Could you make money from your driveway?

For most homeowners, the idea of their property accumulating income whilst they’re at work or running errands probably seems nothing but a distant dream. On most advice columns you’ll a find magnitude of ways to save you money in property, usually centring somewhere along the lines of loft insulation or smart meters and usually warranting […]


Scottish Property Market Continues to Develop

Whilst it is true that Brexit has promoted a somewhat subdued nature in the property market in some areas of the United Kingdom, particularly in areas such London and Blackpool, the Scottish market continues to grow. The Scottish property market was forecasted to face a severe hit from the aftermath of Brexit negotiations and the […]


Smart Home: What and Why?

A notable buzz has surrounded the term smart home in recent years with gossipers of the office and tube deeming it as the next best thing in home improvement. Whilst the popularity of smart homes has soared in the last 5 years, many remain confused as to the underpinnings of the word. What is a […]


Spring DIY projects for your home

    The season of DIY is fast approaching as we scramble to achieve our homes perfect look in time for summer.  Whether it be a lick of paint or a full renovation, there are plenty of ways to help you fall back in love with your home again. What is less easy though, is […]


Home Buyer Reports: Your Guide

    The word home buyer report, or home report, strikes fear into almost every potential buyer. It usually means hours spent analysing paperwork and deliberating property potential. From experience, Etimon know that there is no reason to fear a home report, it can be a very useful tool if used correctly. We’ve complied a […]