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      Michael Jacksons, sometimes infamous Neverland Ranch is reportedly back on the property market after suffering from a 70% price cut.  The 2,700-acre site, which Jackson purchased in 1988, was transformed by the king of pop into an ideological fantasy land and became one of the most well-known properties of the 1990s. The […]

  Maximising Your Opportunity as a First Time Buyer With property prices in Scotland steadily increasing and the number of first-time buyers reaching a 23-year high, taking the first step on to the property ladder can seem, in many ways, more difficult than ever.  Affordability constraints prevent many first-time buyers from securing their first home […]

The word stress is often conjured up as a primary description of a landlords feelings when discussing tenancy agreements and lettings for their properties. Even the most experienced will face challenges in their career as a landlord, whether it be finding initial tenants, chasing rent or struggling  to meet strict legal requirements. The idea of […]

A Quick Guide to Moving Home Moving home can be a daunting task. Somehow, you have to find a way to cram your whole life into a tiny moving van in just a few short hours. To make matters worse, at the other end you have to make a mad-dash to unpack your things and […]

Once home to some famous faces such as Gerard Butler,  Paolo Nutini and David Tennant to name a few, Paisley is a vibrant town offering some of the most desirable amenities in Renfrewshire. We love Paisley and we are certain you will too. Take a look through our guide to the town:   Perfect Transport […]

Your Perfect Business Opportunity According to business knowhow, finding the perfect location for your business can prove essential to ensuring a thriving first year. Business knowhow believe in the importance of business location so much so that they rate a bad location as a primary reason why business fail. At Etimon we welcome all business’, […]

Your Landlord Guide: Safety Regulations For any Landlord, the safety of tenants is a primary concern. With the vast array of advice and guidance available on the internet, ensuring a property meets safety regulations and provides a safe space for your tenants can prove a daunting and complicated task. At Etimon, our staff apply these […]

Selling your home can feel like a daunting task. Let’s face it, there’s a lot to think about. But what if it didn’t need to be? We’ve summarised some of our best tips for selling your home as quickly as possible and for the price you like. Accurate Valuation Ensure you get a realistic but […]

Student Letting   It is a common presumption that because you are a student, finding a suitable property to let will be nearly impossible. Here at Etimon, we specialise in student letting with leading universities such as Strathclyde University, Glasgow University and the University of the West of Scotland on our doorstep. Unlike many other […]

    Renting a property can be the best decision you ever make, if you get the right one for you. Here is our list of top things to consider before making the big decision: The Perfect Location. It’s no secret that location is the most valuable attribute for many renters across the UK. Renting […]