10 Steps to Selling

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10 Steps to Selling

Your home is worth a lot to you in both memories and money, so when you make the decision to sell, you want to ensure you get the best price possible, and a quick sale with minimum hassle. But what you also want is an agent who works with you in partnership to guide you through the sales process, an agent who knows the local area, an agent who advises you how to make the best of your home’s key features and an agent who understands what buyers want.

  1. Accurate Valuation
    We know that every householder’s aim is the sell their property in the quickest time at the best price. At Etimon, our estate agents carry out hundreds of valuations monthly, meaning we know what properties sell for in your area.  Get in touch with us to arrange a valuation.

  2. Select an Estate Agent
    -There are 4 key elements to selecting the best estate agent for your property:
    -Opening Hours to suit your availability
    -Availability to carry out viewings
    -Marketing techniques
    -Marketing presence

    -Etimon is open late on Tues and Thurs nights to accommodate our clients and 8am - 6pm all other week days and we will organise viewings to suit your requirements.  We have access to over 40 online marketing portals where we will market your property and we undertake different types of marketing campaigns to find your ideal buyer.

    -Once you instruct us as your Estate Agent, we will ask you to organise a home report survey.  If you do not already have a surveyor, we can introduce you to surveyors who can do this for you.

  3. Instruct a Solicitor
    We recommend you find a good solicitor to manage your house sale.  If you don’t already have one, we can introduce you to solicitors that we have used previously.

  4. Presenting your property
    Buyers make a decision about your property within 5 minutes of entering the front door.  It is essential that you house is presented properly to maximise the chance of it selling quickly. Ensure any broken items are fixed, the rooms are painted if required and rooms are decluttered. Our experts will work with you to ensure your property is presented professionally prior to putting it on the market.

  5. Marketing your property
    We will present you property in its best light on a range of different marketing platforms from our own website, social media, email, direct mail and external websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla.

  6. Arrange Viewings
    We organise accompanied viewings for all buyers at times that suit you. Our longer opening hours mean we can arrange viewings in the evening and our expert agent will ensure the buyers have all the information they need to inform their decision to buy. 

  7. Receive an offer
    As soon as an offer is received, we will notify you verbally to ensure you can make a decision quickly.

  8. Accepting an offer
    Once you accept an offer, we will prepare a memorandum of sale, write to both parties confirming the agreed price and ask you to confirm your solicitor’s details.
    Your solicitor will issue a draft contract to the buyer’s solicitor.
    We will ensure you are kept in the loop during the offer stages, providing you with advice and guidance to ensure you don’t miss any loopholes

  9. Exchange of contracts
    Once all the legal issues have been ironed out, contracts can be exchanged between your solicitor and your buyers’ solicitor. At this stage the deposit is paid to you via your solicitor and transfer dates agreed.

  10. Completion and moving out
    Once the outstanding money has been transferred from the buyers account to your solicitors account and all monies are cleared, your solicitor will advise us to hand over the keys. At this point, your home has been sold.

You’ve sold your property and we wish you the best of luck with your new venture.