Looking after your Tenants

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Looking after your Tenants

We know that tenants don’t just want a place to rent, they want a home!  That’s why at Etimon we go the extra mile to look after your tenants and ensure they have an excellent experience whilst they stay in your property.   

We will however put some checks in place to ensure both you and your tenants are covered in case any issues arise:


We vet every single tenant, check their references and obtain a credit check.


We take a deposit from every tenant to safeguard against any damages or breakages. This deposit is lodged with Safe Deposit Scotland throughout the term of the tenancy


A full inventory is prepared and a check-in inventory signed by the tenant to ensure there is a record of all items in the property, with an inventory check-out report created on departure.


We have a dedicated Maintenance team and Out of hour’s emergency contractors to ensure tenants are well looked after and any property concerns rectified quickly and with minimum fuss.


Conduct settling in visit, 6 weeks into the tenancy. And then every 6 months thereafter.  This is vital to ensure the tenant is looking after your property and also to ensure tenant does not have nay issues.


We are always here to assist your tenant and make sure your tenant and your property are looked after well. 

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